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W o r k s h o p s


The effect of words on water has been studied.  In your body harsh and hurtful words create muscle tension – Ku remembers  - gentle words are relaxing, create smiles.  Ku remembers those feelings too.  These muscle memories of words have shaped your life.  The words themselves  may be forgotten,  but the feelings they created remain within you.  Your words can change your life or someone else’s.   Speak with mindfulness. 

Approx:  2 Hours +


 Power of Stories

The story of your life so far can have any ending you create.

We all have stories – running, changing commentary - that we tell ourselves to make sense of our lives.  These stories can guide us through life or hold us back.  Telling your story is powerful medicine.  Each of us is a hero in a story no one else can write.  Your story is your legacy.  What do you see as the ending to your story now?   Believe you can create a life of abundance.  Your thoughts, actions and emotions all determine your life story. 

Approx:  2 Hours +


 Mens Shamanic Circle

The Brotherhood of Men recognizes the similarities shared by all men , and yet many men choose to isolate themselves and ignore the knowledge that we are all connected – learn to walk in another’s moccasins  -– you do not know what someone else has conquered - think of a difficult time in your life and learn to support others.  Drum energizing clearing power – You are the shaman – heal yourself.   

Approx:  2 Hours +


 The Heart

The heart pumps blood – life force – center of the body – heart ache – heart attack – broken heart.

Find the Song in your heart.  Go to the center of your existence and listen to the beat of your heart – it beats with life – dance to your own rhythm – all of our beats are different – you heard your mother’s heart beating with your own before you were born.  The most intimate of all relationships is between you and your heart. 

Scientists have known for a long time that negative emotions such as stress, rage, hostility and grief are “cardiotoxic” – poisonous to your heart.  Unhappiness can kill you.   Happiness, optimism, and hopefulness are cardio protective. 

Approx:  2 Hours +


 The Path 

Are you on your path?   How do you know what your path is?  Is it a real path? Are you so busy you don’t see where you are going?  What is the life of your dreams?  Are you happy?   What are your gifts?   When do you feel most alive?   Look deep within yourself – search for your essence and passion.  That discovery will be the path that brings satisfaction and meaning to your life.   

Approx:  2 Hours +


Flute Workshop 

When you attend a Medicine Crow Flute Workshop, you will learn how to play the Native American flute and Native American flute history - how the flute came into being.  The Native American flute is known for its beautiful voice and gentle energy.  Learn the Sacred Art of how to become one with the flute.  Workshops are held in a small group setting with individual coaching.  


In this Workshop, you will receive a new flute to begin your musical journey. You will learn various types of breathing techniques, how to control your breath, as well as some tips and tricks that Medicine Crow himself uses when he performs with his Native American Flutes.

Join Medicine Crow for a relaxed workshop and learn to play your flute.  Includes cost of flute.   Approx: 2+ Hours

Continue with your Flute Practice with private tuition


Usui, Seichim and Shaman Initiations

Learn and understand the basic fundamentals, integrity and method of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki with Medicine Crow Usui Master Shaman.


Usui Reiki Attunements - All Levels Welcome


​ Seven Grandfathers
 Understanding the teachings of THE SEVEN GRANDFATHERS allows us to follow a sacred path of spiritual happiness, healthiness, and wealthiness, of accepting that we are one with everything and preparing for opportunities or obstacles that  may cross our path as we travel the Medicine Wheel.   Approx:  2 Hours 

​ Seven Wonders
Understanding THE SEVEN WONDERS OF OUR WORLD brings us closer to who we are and what we are about….instead of worshipping the awe of materialism, learn the true meaning of appreciation, gratitude and the value of blessings.  Get in touch with YOU and follow your path with enlightened acceptance of a spiritual being.  Approx: 2 Hours

​ Life Path and Direction
Most of us allow ourselves to be guided by our parents, peers and media when we simply should allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit.  “If you are on your path, what’s the hurry?”  Chief Medicine Crow explains the nature and cause of Dis-ease.  Learn to be still, listen to Spirit, contact your inner self and follow your path in the right direction.  Approx: 2 Hours

Drum and/or Rattle Making  (Group & Individual)
The drum beat represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  It also is the amplifier of intent.  Along with the rattle, it has the power to heal, transform and transport us to new dimensions of our spirit.  Make your own Medicine Drum or Rattle with Medicine Crow.  Through the step by step process of drum or rattle making, you will gain insights and clarity from within.  Focus your energy and intent as Medicine Crow guides you through the creation of a very powerful healing tool.  All materials are supplied and no experience is necessary.  Approx: 7 Hours

​The Shaman’s Path
Learn how to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way to personal power and freedom.  Gain an understanding of the Shaman’s principles as a guidance system and take a 3rd Level  journey (active meditation) to meet your spirit guides.  Medicine Crow provides a relaxing healing atmosphere by combining  the use of flute, drums, rattles, gongs and other percussion instruments.  Learn how to use these methods of practical Shamanism to effect positive change in your life. 

Approx: 2 Hours

The Medicine Wheel​

At birth we are all given at least one of the four great powers of the medicine wheel:  Illumination, Innocence, Introspection and Wisdom.  The purpose of our existence is to gain the remaining powers and become a whole person.  Medicine Crow connects the Zodiac, the Native American and Australian Medicine Wheels and you as the Shaman of your destiny.  Learn about your  personal medicine wheel totems, then journey with them.

Approx: 2 Hours

The Rainbow Journey
Understand the importance of the chakras and rainbow colours and their relationship to the body’s healing and wellbeing.  Know that all things are vibrational.  Achieve a deep and profound healing meditation by encapsulating yourself in the rainbow cocoon.  Approx: 2 Hours

​The Quickening
The Quickening is about NOW, the changes that are taking place and the future we are hurtling towards.  We are in the transition – be prepared.   Approx: 2 Hours

​Nature Speak
Connect and be aware of what nature is telling us..... Mother Earth is crying out but few are listening.  Be more receptive to the messages coming.    Approx: 2 Hours

Learn ancient practices of the warrior Shaman – the drum, rattle, stones , herbs.  Native Americans consider the drumbeat to be the heartbeat of Mother Earth.   Along with the rattle, it has the power to heal, transform and transport us to new dimensions.  Participants are encouraged to bring their ceremonial tools and regalia. Be prepared to create your own ceremony and make your dreams a reality.   Since the beginning, smoke, fire, water and stones have been used for ceremony and cleansing.  Learn the history and procedures of smudging, prayers, herbs and tools through demonstration and participation.  Fourth Principle: “NOW IS THE MOMENT OF POWER”  Approx:  2 Hours +

Ancient Wisdom Crystal Healing
Our ancestors knew the benefits of healing using the energy of the Rock People. This circle’s purpose is to understand the energy between Crystals, chakras, meditation, and healing.  Journey into the crystal to know its secrets.  Journeywork is active meditation where you can access your own private inner world.  Release baggage, stress, receive answers, contact spirit guides, animal totems.  Bring about healthiness, happiness, well- being, a new life and direction.  Approx:  2 Hours

​Drum Circles
The Shamans drum circle is a healing circle for those looking for change within and for the planet.  Allow yourself to experience the rejuvenating and deeply relaxing benefits of the Shamans drum and Shamanic journeywork.  Journeywork is active meditation where you can access your own private spirit world.  Experience 2nd,3rd, 4th level Journeys:  Cosmic, Water, Earth, Totems, The Pool, The Honey Pot, The Garden, Freedom of the Skies, and more.  Approx: 2 Hours

​Tipi Medicine
It is traditional practice in the cooler months for sages to sit inside around a blazing fire sharing insights and wisdom while making things. This is a craft making workshop – choose to make rattles or Medicine Pouches or  featherwork or fetishes.  Approx:  2+ Hours

​Mask and the Inner Journey
Understanding the magic of Raccoon Medicine teaches us to explore the many faces we have.  Spend a magical day creating your mask, living behind the mask and peering out from the face you have unveiled.  Participants are encouraged to bring beads, feathers, and other bits and pieces. Mask and materials supplied.   Approx:  5hrs


The Nature of Emotions & Dis-Ease

The role of our emotional screenplay can have a major impact on how we pursue and approach our lives and life circumstances. 
How well do you handle your emotions in the midst of life’s challenges? 
Learn valuable tools,  the language of Nature, totems, the ebb and flow.  Approx: 2 hrs


Cosmic Journey

Enjoy a cosmic journey -- travel to the ends of the universe.  Connect with the Universe and become one.   Approx: 2 hours


Fire Spirit Journey

As you look at the fire you are drawn in.  It is alive.  The Nature of fire is change.  It purifies and removes obstacles.  Join an inspiring and uplifting workshop - throw into the flames what is no longer needed and clear your path.  Approx 2 hours


Vision Quest

Why Vision Quest?  In our Western World it has been said that we are missing the rites of passage of traditional society.  

This is a time when we let go of childishness, take on our true power as a warrior and face the world in our own right.  

A truly remarkable weekend will empower you and equip you with tools you can use to transform your life to one of incredible power. 

During the Quest you will learn how to:  Use ceremony to increase power to your prayers and dreams.  Apply telepathy and clairvoyance to effect a positive outcome in your life through Journey Meditation.  Get in touch with your Animal Spirit Totems, speak to the spirits of nature and receive advice and guidance. 

 Participants are taken to their personal ‘power place’ to begin their quest for enlightenment in solitude amongst nature. Throughout Friday night, Saturday and on to early Sunday, situated within their power circles, participants will endeavor to fast, stay awake, say prayers, do ceremony, journey work, and be available for answers and visions.This event is only suitable for those who are serious about transformation. Ask yourself if you are ready for profound change, to take on your Warrior spirit and make your mark in the world as an empowered individual. If you are, then take a leap forward in your development and participate in your own personal Vision Quest.



Other Inspiring Workshops to enchance your Earth Walk in abundance and Aloha.

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 ~ The Five Freedoms

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 ~ The Nature of Trees









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